City of Laurie, Missouri

Lake of the Ozarks



The Public Works Department has three employees. The Department is responsible for operations, maintenance and overseeing: 1) The water system; 2) The central sewer system; 3) Maintaining all property owned by the City; 4) Maintaining and de-icing the City's streets; 5) Billboard administration and 6) Administering the Zoning Ordinance including building inspections within the permitting process.

One Department employee is assigned to specifically attend to the water and sewer systems. The Director and this employee are the operators of those systems and are certified by Missouri DNR.

Two employees are assigned to maintain the City's property and street maintenance.

Water System

The City of Laurie has a water system servicing the majority of the main corridors and several subdivisions throughout the City. Under certain circumstances, these water mains can be extended to other parts of the City depending on the specific requirements of the development making the request.

Currently the City has approximately 400 water customers. These represent a mixture of residential and commercial accounts with approximately 60% of those being residential customers.

Continuing to upgrade the system is something the Board is looking at annually. One of the most visible upgrades is the program of adding fire hydrants where the system will support it. This is important since the original funding criteria of the system would allow for the installation of fire hydrants.