City of Laurie, Missouri

Lake of the Ozarks

Our goal at the Laurie Police Department is to apply the law equally and fairly. We have a passion for this community and want to see it progress. The west side of the lake is growing and We are happy to be a part of it. The officers look forward to serving this community and will do everything we can to provide quality and professional law enforcement. We promise to keep the officers of this department highly trained and motivated to do the job that we have been appointed to do. Our goal is to give the citizens and visitors of Laurie a sense of peace as they live, work, and play here.


To work with all citizens to preserve life,
maintain human rights, and protect property;
To hold ourselves accountable to our community
and to recognized industry standards;
To reduce crime, and the fear of crime,
by facilitating positive police-citizen contacts.
It is critical that all department personnel understand, accept, and be aligned with these responsibilities and the concept of quality public service.


In Partnership with the Community, We pledge to:

Protect the lives and property of our fellow citizens and impartially enforce the law.

Fight crime both by preventing it and by aggressively pursuing violators of the law.

Maintain a higher standard of integrity than is generally expected of others because so much is expected of us.

Value human life, respect the dignity of each individual and render our services with courtesy and civility.

We have a staff of three full-time officers, plus the chief, and are always taking applications for reserve positions.  Everyday our employees are dedicated to serving the community to reduce crime and make our neighborhoods safe. 

Using new and innovative crime strategies, we are focused on proactive ways to solve challenges and ensure our citizens have the best quality of life.

We provide services such as residential checks, business checks, lock outs and events, neighborhood patrols, as well as around the clock coverage.  

All law enforcement agencies in the lake area work together and share intelligence to benefit our citizens.

As all our personnel live and work in the area, we have a nat­ural desire to provide the best service possible to keep Laurie one of the world's best places to live.

Police Chief

The Laurie Police Department is always ready to serve our community.

Mike Nienhuis

City of Laurie Police Chief
Phone: (573)374-4871


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